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City to Sea Hackathon 2022

City to Sea Hackathon 2022

The 48-hour international hackathon "City to Sea" took place from April 22 to 24 in Riga. 117 participants from 18 countries were competing for the main prizes.

The City to Sea hackathon was part of the Mission Sea 2030. The mission's core objective is to address issues regarding climate change, pollution, and the circular economy by creating an environment conducive to the creation of innovative projects and sustainability.

After 121 meetings with mentors, pitch sessions and the idea evaluation process by an international jury, 6 teams behind the best business ideas for aquaculture and mobility challenges received 18 000 euros.


  1. P-Agro - Technology recovering phosphorus (P) from wastewater. The most advanced solution (3 500 EUR).
  2. N-LAB / Wise river - Unmanned watercraft. The biggest progress in the hackathon (2 000 EUR).
  3. SUBmerge - Underwater device for measuring water pollution. The greatest growth potential (3 500 EUR).


  1. 4City - Robust four-wheel electric scooter with improved balance and an integrated storage box. The most advanced solution (3 500 EUR).
  2. Pray for Green - Tool that reduces insurance costs for companies and decreases the 'sick days' by incentivising employees to shift to active mobility. The biggest progress in the hackathon (2 000 EUR).
  3. Dumb 2 Smart Lights - Smart light controllers for new and existing street lights that enable broader use of street light infrastructure. Biggest growth potential (3 500 EUR).

Hackathon "City to Sea'' was organised by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), bringing together public administration and private and research sector institutions. Alongside LIAA, it is facilitated by Riga Technical University (RTU) and the innovation movement “VEFRESH” with the support of the innovation communities EIT Food and EIT Urban Mobility of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), as well as the Lithuanian digital innovation centre “Agrifood”.

Major hackathon partners include Riga City Council, the Freeport of Riga Authority, Accenture, LMT, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR", Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA), Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE).

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